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The Top 5 Most Fuel Efficient Cars [2019]

06/28/2019 @ 5:58 am

Mileage has always been one of the most important points any prospective car owner wants to tick off their list. Even back when mileage didn’t much vary between different models, everybody was always concerned about just how far their buck of gas would get them. After all, it makes perfect sense: you want the money you spend on fuel to take you as far as it possibly can. It’s better for your car, it’s better for the environment, and it’s better for your bank account. Who wouldn’t want all those things to improve in their life?

The Thing About Climate

Polar ice caps melting.

Nowadays, however, the question has an added tone of urgency running through it. As we become more and more aware of the damage being done to our environment by the burning of fossil fuels—and as we tear through our natural resources stockpile at an increasingly alarming rate—the question of fuel efficiency has evolved to be much more than simple box you can tick on a list full of plenty of other boxes. It’s more important than ever that whichever fuel your car is burning, it’s taking you as far as you can get on that same amount of fuel.

Power plants polluting the air.

The amount of money you spend on gas is one of the single biggest variable costs you’re likely to encounter in your career as a car-owning citizen. While that monster SUV or crew-cab truck may well seem awfully appealing at first glance, you need to be thinking about how often you’re going to need to stop at a gas station and re-fill the beast.

In a similar vein, while smaller, more efficient cars may not look as masculine or as traditionally impressive as some of their larger counterparts, the fact that they can go so much further on exactly the same amount of gas is a massive plus in their favour, and is definitely something that should be on your mind as you come up with a potential hit list of cars you want to purchase.

If you’re after something that blends good looks with a smooth drive—and won’t cost you your kidney and your first-born child to refill every forty miles—an automobile which is specifically focused on being fuel efficient is probably a great place to start your search for the perfect car.

To that end, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most fuel efficient cars on the market today, in 2019. Don’t be alarmed, though. These little beauties offer a lot more than raw numbers, and some of them are in fact a total pleasure to drive. Saving your bank account doesn’t have to be unpleasant, a fact which is exemplified by the following list.

So without any more preamble, it’s time to present the Top 5 Most Fuel Efficient Cars on the market today, targeted for you, the consumer who wants to make sure their gallon of gas gets them absolutely as far as it possibly can.

Somebody putting gas into their car.

1: Honda Fit

Chic and streamlined, the Honda Fit 2019 is the latest in the Fit generation which was introduced way back in 2015. Boasting a surprisingly roomy interior, terrific possibilities for infotainment and safety extras, and world-class utility and versatility, the main selling point of this cheaply-priced vehicle is the excellent fuel economy it promises to its owners.

If you’re driving your 2019 Honda Fit in the city, you can probably rely on a reasonable amount of mileage of 33 mpg. While this isn’t bad, (and you certainly should go off of figures released by people who’ve actually driven the car, given that companies test their vehicles’ mileage in controlled, unrealistic environments which are seldom if ever representative of the actual fuel economy you’ll be able to get out of the model in question) what really sets it apart is the fact that on the highway you can squeeze as many as forty miles out of every gallon. While it is a relatively small car, the economy provided is up there with the very best on offer today. Best used for relatively short trips, the Honda Fit is sure to safe your wallet unwanted stress and keep you feeling good about the amount you’re spending on gas.

2: Toyota Yaris

Another small car, the Toyota Yaris has enjoyed a reputation for the last number of years as an excellent, compact sedan. They’ve managed to squeeze four doors into the design, which makes it much better for families than if it was only a two-door model, and with plenty of highly appealing standard features available at a reasonable price and an attractive interior outfitted with the best in upscale materials, it’s certain to give you more than you bargained for.

All of this is great, but none of it comes close to the allure of the fuel economy offered by this latest in the line of Toyota Yarises, which have been on the market in some form or other since 2013. Similar to the first item on our list, you can comfortably manage to get up to 40 miles per gallon on the highway or the open road, whereas in more urban or residential areas, like in a city or town, you can probably expect a maximum of about 32 mpg. Given the lower price, however, and Toyota’s rightly-earned reputation for reliably excellent engineering, this is an excellent choice if you’re looking to save your wallet, both on repairs and on that ever-so-important gas bill, which as we all know has a habit of piling up before your eyes.

3: Chevrolet Spark

Economical in every sense of the word, the Chevrolet Spark is tiny. This means it’s probably unsuitable for long-distance car trips, but for shorter-distance runs like picking the kids up from school or running errands around town, it’s world-class. Because of its size it’s easy to park in even the tightest of parking spaces; and with the long list of high-tech optional extras (not to mention the updated infotainment system with brand-new USB ports) you’ll; be able to customize it to your heart’s content, no matter what kind of budget you’re on.

With regards to fuel economy, you can expect about 38 miles per gallon on the highway, and closer to 30 in and around town. While these figures aren’t quite as good as the Honda Fit or Toyota Yaris, it’s a vast improvement for Chevrolet on the earlier generations of the Spark. What’s more, the Spark also comes in an environmentally-friendly EV spec. Although the recharging times of the battery on the EV model are long, and there’s almost no room in the backseat, it’s been constructed using the very latest in clean technology, and saves you from having to calculate fuel economy at all because it doesn’t run on gasoline or diesel. For short commutes, like to and from work, either the Spark or the Spark EV are likely to tick all the boxes you might have that need ticking, although if you need to go a long way it’s probably not the model for you.

4: Nissan Versa

The Nissan Versa is bigger than the Chevrolet (and indeed than the Yaris, for that matter), but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s a lot less efficient. Although it provides a super comfortable ride, owing to upgraded suspension systems, and a highly convenient large trunk (plus an enormous back seat for such a relatively small vehicle) either the standard 2019 model or the SV special edition version offer supreme comfort and versatility for a fraction of the price of some of its four-door competitors.

When it comes to fuel economy, the Nissan Versa is right on target for this class of car. 39 miles per gallon on the highway is exactly where you’d want the figure to be, while in stop-and-go traffic—by far the most inefficient way to drive if you’re trying to save fuel—it can still boast an impressive 31 mpg, which is far and away the most appealing thing about this particular car. Whether or not the Nissan is going to be for you is difficult to say, but it’s worth taking into consideration the fact that given its increased size over its competitors, this car is much more suited to long journeys, which provides still another layer of convenience in a comfortable, good-looking package.

5: Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra has been through a number of re-works over the last few years. Ever since its introduction way back in 1992, it has been reliable model for Hyundai, and their faith in it is reflected by the changes they continue to make in order to ensure it can compete with the best-in-class options for affordable, four-door sedans. The 2019 model comes with an entire catalogue of the latest technological and safety-focused features, while the cabin controls themselves have been pared back to keep things simple, easy-to-use, and elegant.

In terms of fuel economy, the Hyundai Elantra offers 32 miles per gallon in the city and 40 on the highway, which is right up there with the very best of the bunch. Given its increased size, it’s amazing the Elantra is able to pull these numbers at all, and it doesn’t even cost too much, relative to its competitors, which is how you’d imagine Hyundai would justify the added bonuses of having such a relatively big car with such impressive fuel economy. We saved this car for the last spot on our list, just because it’s so impressive across so many areas. Perfect for road trips as well as for zipping around town, the Elantra is unlikely to let you—or your wallet—down in any situation you may find yourself in.

In Summation

So there it is: our Top Five Most Fuel Efficient Cars In 2019. While fuel economy is clearly the main selling point of each of the cars on this list, we endeavoured to make sure that we gave an accurate and representative view of each model in question, since of course you’re going to have to be able to enjoy driving it, over and above the hard mile per gallon figures you’re going to be offered.

While some cars will suit some people, it’s unlikely that any one car is going to suit all people, so before you make your decision put together a list of things you’re going to use the car for. This will help you by the time you get to the dealership, because it’ll save you from being potentially overwhelmed by the colossal amounts of information the salesman in question is likely to throw at you.

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